Allow patients to schedule appointments online using well-known and easy to use EasyAppointments service. Integration with google calendar included! Define timetables and services offered by clinicians. We offer custom integrations development for any kind of system that might benefit from us!

Paperless structured referral. ICD-10 database Define surveys that need to be filled in before examination and get the full information necessary to provide accurate diagnosis.

Referral view
Referral creation screen
Referral survey list
For each referral survey can be specified

Image of report creator editor
Report creation editor
Medical scale Fazekas
You can attach to templates medical scales, e.g., Fazekas
Report phrase connotation
Each phrase in upmedic can have selected connotation to highlight specific meaning
Report calculators
Each template/report can contain medical calculators, e.g., RECIST 1.1

Single place to view all medical history. Receive results of examination without the need to visit a clinic.

Patient profile main screen
Patient can view medical service state
Survey tab view for patient profile
Patients can view surveys fulfill progress and resume unfinished survey
Patient portal with fulfilled report
Patient can view and download created report

For a good treatment, the clinician needs to ask proper questions and receive from the patient answers that are truthful. Our Surveys module allows for:
  • Creating decision tree surveys – medical survey adjusts itself depending on answers to the previous questions
  • Transferring existing medical documentation
  • Transferring medical imagery from previous examinations
  • Questions can be in the form of videos, images, texts
  • Asking red herring questions that ask the same questions in two ways in order to verify whether the patient understood the question, and provided an answer the clinician can rely on

For medical staff:
  • Easily completed by a clinician who used information included in the document
  • Scale (1-10) questions, open ended questions (free text)
Patient satisfaction:
  • Scale (1-10) questions, open ended questions (free text)
  • Real-time statistics for each clinician, patient, and the medical facility

Navigate upmedic using speech (for English and Polish) and dictate your observations. Very useful for creating reports while conducting US examinations or analysing imagery without switching attention between computer screens.